(Still smiling as her voice trails off, Cynthia sighs and silently gazes out the window for awhile before continuing.) Well, anyway, back in those days we didnt have a computer directory but we did keep a card catalogue of the sex staff up at the. Her clitoris was fully extended, and I playfully fingered her, eliciting repeated squeals of pleasure as she struggled to spread her legs even wider. No, the sex staff is fed much more sensible meals than those we serve our Guests. Oh, sure, over the years we have had a few girls really crazy ones who just couldnt get along with anybody. But what we found was that the girl would be rather nervous about her first mounting, the Guest really excited, and invariably it seemed he would simply just want to jump on top of her, ram his dick up her twat as quickly as possible. I would have liked to have explored Rochelles other talents, but I knew Greg was expecting me to join him soon, and so with a brusque wave of my hand I dismissed the lovely naked teenager from my quarters. Basically, regardless of how plain or fancy the whorehouse might be, the scenario really hasnt changed all that much since the Middle Ages: The John still arrives and selects his prostitute, still negotiates the price of a fuck, and still leaves the place as soon. Her hair had been tied loosely in back with a bow, but as I watched her Alyssa reached up and untied that bow, shaking her head slightly as her soft glistening hair was sent showering down past her shoulders and across her chest. They wont be ready for that for a few more years. But I have the ability to do other things as well.

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According to her file, after she had been surgically sterilized the child had had to visit the infirmary but twice other than for her periodic routine examinations: Once, to have a problem milk tooth extracted and, more recently, to receive treatment for an abrasion. Great, said Alexis, swinging his handbag across his shoulder as he entered the elevator. The sooner that can be done, the sooner shell begin to heal. They may be only a few weeks old, but already a few of the males in the litter will be seen demonstrating mounting activities. Chapter Six Greg had warned me that Alexis was on a pretty tight schedule, and so the next morning, after having only fucked the cute little fourteen-year-old a couple of more times, I dismissed Anya from my quarters, showered, and arrived at Alexis apartment actually. A: Well, Ive got a line on a guy in Holland whos interested in buying some of our girls, and he says he may be able to get his hands on some baby pussy for. The older women probably figure it out a bit sooner. But Id guess the average seven to eleven year old girl will suck off eight to ten men each day, not counting the nights she sleeps with a Guest. Q: I believe we had been discussing what happens to a woman once she is no longer of interest to you here at the resort. Under the care of the girls nimble fingers my cock had again become hard, and Jo sat up in bed, leaned forward, and began sucking me off once more. I motioned vaguely toward my bedroom and she nodded, removing her skirt as she traveled across the room. I could feel my manhood swelling again as I studied her soft pink nipples, and when the charming young woman had reached me I wrapped my arm around her cool bare midriff and started guiding her toward my quarters. At this time Id say theyre all about a third of the way through their training. I played with her boobs and delightfully hard nipples for several minutes before working my hand down across her belly to her nether lips. Shell spend a lot of time playing with her other sisters in the Nursery, and well play with her, too.

as sex slaves to the Rich and Powerful. I had lost no time in acquiring her for my use. Several of the girls started to leave their seats. Heck, shell get mounted at least twice before shes even had breakfast! Chapter Seven Cynthia had encouraged me to return to the Nursery and assist in the tutoring of a particular group of young girls who had only recently serviced male genitalia for the first time. They were simply doing what their society expected of them. I dont know, though; we may have been able to patch things up if I had stayed put. A: (Smiling) Call it a girls Rite of Passage into adulthood a ritual we put all of the slaves through when they become of age. She asked me politely. Wed only have confused the hell out of her. She may be bi-sexual, as far as I know. Q: Do you have an estimate as to how many times a girl will perform fellatio before shes released into the Compound? We want her to feel good about sex. Upon Cynthias recommendation, the Partners reluctantly closed their profitable West African brothel, converted a portion of the prostitutes dormitory area into a Nursery, and over the course of several months obtained through abduction and purchase a dozen or so female children between the ages.

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The chain attached to seksi chat kulli pillussa the end of the plug is a little bit longer about four inches and actually is made of gold so it doesnt tarnish. Frankly, I think most of the other Guests get annoyed if a girl is brought to the table. Q: Can you summon a girl while youre on duty at work? A: Is she good looking? Much like the electronics some restaurants use to let patrons know their table is ready. Boy, was that a great idea! Im going to rest up a bit, dip my pecker in some more pussy, of course, but then I need to take some bitches back to my broker in Odessa to complete our deal, so Ill be leaving on the shuttle Saturday morning. Saturday morning had arrived way too soon as far as I was concerned. Q: And then the slaver sells the girl to a broker. A raven-haired beauty in her late teens, with pert nipples and a flawlessly shaved pussy, approached and stood before. Alexis was not among the passengers. The rumble of the waves rolling up along the shoreline provided the only sound as I distanced myself from the Compound and walked down the long graded pathway leading to the beach. George, who you will meet later, sees to the medical side while Cynthia, who you will also meet later, supervises the Nursery. Theyre all very submissive and respectful. Ive got a good savings account and I really like the scenery in Northern California. Start Free Week of Pornhub Premium. Yeah, the primping room is a rather inefficient part of a girls daily routine here. Q: And the girls dont resist being used like this? Well teach her quite a variety of sexual positions and get her familiar with the feel of having a dick in her cunt and up her ass. I playfully spread her labia and retrieved the room key she carried. A buyer of one of our trade-ins gets a spayed cunt, fully trained and more than willing to fuck any man who wants her. Q: Speaking of management, how many partners do you have? We have all of the girls shave their pits and legs every few days, and their pussies as we direct, but they still need someone else to really take a close look at their beavers. (September 22, 2018) Winning for the second year in a row, Sam Hafertepe,. Cynthia too had by this time moved her hand down to Dominiques vulva and had been gently caressing the lips of the childs tiny vagina while she listened to my exchange with the young girl seated on my lap. She seemed genuinely disappointed as she moved away from the cubicle. Soon I was rock hard and the girl sought guidance as to whether I wished to fuck her mouth, ass, or pussy. Q: Do you think youve had sex with all of the women on the island?

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If that happens, we simply have her shipped out, just like we do if a slave is not physically attractive or whenever she gets too old for. Generally, a girl is a bit tentative the first time she puts a mans penis in her mouth. I watched as he spread her labia, removed the key, shook his head and offered it back to her, but she declined to take it and, spreading her legs even more, motioned to the Guest to slide the plastic card back into her slit. He soon found himself aboard a private jet aircraft, and while flying high above the Gulf of Mexico received an extraordinary invitation to document in detail what is undoubtedly the most well-organized and lucrative bordello in the world. A: Yeah, most of em wind up in a whorehouse somewhere. Leaning against the front desk in the lobby, I felt a bit out of place as other Guests milled about in loose-fitting tunics, sometimes in the company of nude or semi-naked women and young girls, but I had resolved that I would not conduct. The concierge is on the main level, on the western side of the lobby in the middle of the crescent-shaped structure. Very few of our cunts stay in the Compound past their mid-twenties.